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We are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals with personalized solutions and exceptional service.

MMA possesses a group of skilled experts who are capable of managing the intricacies associated with compliance in accordance with FEMA regulations.


MMA has the ability to perform an autonomous internal audit for your organization, which can provide a comprehensive perspective on the internal controls of your entity.


Our services involve helping start-ups, entrepreneurs, and high-growth companies to develop successful employee stock option plans.


Conducting a business valuation is a complex financial assessment that necessitates the involvement of a qualified valuation expert with appropriate credentials. Additionally, business valuation is advantageous in numerous circumstances, as it enables the determination of a company's economic value.


In today's business environment, transfer pricing has become increasingly vital for all corporate taxpayers. To address this issue, our team of transfer pricing consultants will provide you with expert guidance and a well-defined transfer pricing strategy that aligns with international regulatory standards.


We're more than just one-dimensional - our other services extend beyond the obvious. From financial services to start-up consulting, we offer a full suite of options to help you succeed.



Every part of your business ecosystem taken care of


  • Planning
  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Analysis
  • Management and Support
  • Migration
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Experienced Professionals

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, our firm has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We have honed our abilities through years of experience, learning from both our successes and setbacks, and constantly enhancing our services to deliver outstanding results to our clients.

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Board of expert

Our company is fortunate with an outstanding group of professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Each member of our team is an expert in their specific area and has a track record of success in providing our clients with great results.

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Confidentiality and Privacy

At MMA, we understand the importance of data confidentiality and privacy. We respect the sensitive nature of the information our clients have entrusted to us and go to extremes in order to maintain it private and confidential. To prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse of our client's data, we have strong procedures and guidelines in place.

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Certified and Trusted

Regulatory organizations and industry leaders have recognized and trusted MMA. As proof of our dedication to quality and observance of industry best practices, our partners are also certified in their chosen fields of services.

Our Customers Say
Collaborate with us

MMA offers a collaborative approach to business success with diverse skill sets, extensive experience, and a commitment to privacy and security. Collaborate with us for access to more resources, trusted clients, and industry insights.
Together, let's make it happen.

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Rajat Mundra

Company Secretary

Shared Voices

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  • Rajat Mundra

Collaborating with MMA grants access to a trusted client network, saving time and effort in client acquisition.

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Nitin Porwal

Chartered Accountant

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  • Nitin Porwal

It connects us to a network of high performers, unlocking the potential to achieve more through synergistic strengths.

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Prabhanjan Maheshwari

Insolvency Professional

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  • Prabhanjan Maheshwari

Provides me an access to a diverse team of experts in accounting, finance, and tax law for comprehensive support.

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Gaurav Soni

GST Consultant

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  • Gaurav Soni

Got multiple resources to handle clients' new demands.

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Rakhi Laddar

Product Manager

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  • Rakhi Laddar

By collaborating with the MMA, I gain valuable access to a diverse network of professionals that greatly assists me in various situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MMA has a strict code of ethics and conduct that every team member is expected to follow, ensuring that our services are delivered with professionalism and integrity.

MMA's approach to client satisfaction is centered on building strong relationships with clients by understanding their needs, providing personalized services, and exceeding expectations.

MMA stays updated with changing regulations through regular training and knowledge-sharing sessions, ensuring that clients receive the latest insights and advice.

MMA has implemented robust data security and confidentiality measures to ensure that client data is protected at all times. Our team follows strict protocols and best practices to ensure that client data is secure and confidential.

MMA's approach to risk management is to help businesses identify and mitigate risks that could impact their operations and growth. Our team provides customized solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

MMA believes that building strong relationships with clients is essential to delivering high-quality services that meet their needs. Our team works closely with clients to understand their business objectives and provide personalized solutions that exceed their expectations.

MMA leverages technology to deliver services more efficiently and effectively. Our team uses the latest tools and software to streamline processes, automate tasks, and improve accuracy.

MMA follows a structured training methodology that helps team members develop their skills and expertise while fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Our team members receive regular training and mentoring to ensure that they are equipped to deliver high-quality services to clients.

MMA follows a structured approach to minimize costs while ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services to clients.

Yes, MMA has a code of ethics that guides the conduct of our team members. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our interactions with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

MMA believes that effective communication is essential to building strong client relationships. We are committed to keeping our clients informed about the progress of their engagements and providing timely and transparent communication throughout the process.

MMA values client feedback and actively solicits feedback to help us continuously improve our services. We use client feedback to inform our operations and ensure that we are meeting our client's needs and expectations.

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Maheshwari Malpani & Associates is a trusted team of Chartered Accountants specialized in FEMA Compliance, TP Pricing, Business Valuation, ESOP, and Internal Audit. We offer audit, and tax, and business advisory services, delivering value to clients with professionalism and cost-effectiveness. Our unique training approach fosters a strong bond between our team and clients.

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